Release 3.0.0

Nullable Reference Types

The most significant change to the library is the support for nullable reference types. The API surface has been updated to fully support null reference types. This may introduce warnings to code that previously may not have had to be null aware. This will introduce compile errors in projects that have <TreatWarningsAsErrors>True</TreatWarningsAsErrors> in a projects .csproj file.

GetAsync method.

The _repository.GetAsync(id, partitionKey) method was used to previously have a scenario where the API would return null.

This case was when the library read an item from cosmos successfully but the type field did not match that of the name of the class used. i.e. take the example below.

    "partitionKey": "BookCategory",
    "_etag": "\"3100b48c-0000-0700-0000-6219f58b0000\"",
    "timeToLive": null,
    "createdTimeUtc": "2022-02-26T09:40:27.000061Z",
    "id": "Engineering",
    "type": "BookCategory", // <--------- TYPE Field
    "_rid": "vG1RAMQtoX4LAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/vG1RAA==/colls/vG1RAMQtoX4=/docs/vG1RAMQtoX4LAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1645868427

Notice the type field’s value is BookCategory if I was to use a repository let’s say with a class called Category the repository that you’d use via DI would look like IRepository<Category> when you made a read for this item the value of the type field from the above JSON does not match the name of the class. This would not previously result in an exception but return null to the caller.

📣 The library now in this case throws an exception instead of returning null. The exception that will be thrown in the MissMatchedTypeDiscriminatorException code the previously checked for null will now have to catch this exception.

Opt-in to receive total item counts when paging.

Previously when using either of the paging operations provided by this library it would run a count query for every page request. This, however, can incur a large RU charge for large data sets. For this reason, we have chosen to make this now an opt-in feature. When calling either of the paging methods you will need to pass a bool to indicate you would like the count query to be run. See an example below.

    d => d.Breed == "cocker spaniel", 
    returnTotal: true);

this returnTotal field defaults to false.

ETagItem is now abstract

This is a small change that makes the ETagItem class abstract.